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 me Me & ME是一個專門為嬌小亞洲女性打造內衣的香港本地品牌。我們主張女性應該敢於以自己的真實一面示人,而不是為了迎合他人喜好勉強自己「裝胸作勢」。在傳統思想的薰陶之下,不少亞洲女習慣了隱藏自已、埋藏自我。我們這個品牌的創立正正就是為了協助女性找回最真實的自己,發掘出自己與生俱來的女性美。真實的妳可能有各種不同的面貌,或許時而風趣、好動,時而內斂、文靜,亦可氣質高雅,又可以是時尚女王。不論妳想展現出那種面貌,me Me & ME都是妳最合拍的伙伴,輕鬆配合妳完美演繹生活中的每一個角色。


me Me & ME 是香港藝人UC Wong一手創立的內衣品牌。她身形嬌小又不喜歡厚胸墊帶來的侷促感,在市面上一直找不到合心意的內衣。B Cup太大,A Cup又不舒服。儘管大品牌的內衣設計精美,但舒適度始終未如理想。要在市面上找到胸墊薄而又能展現出嬌小女性自然身體曲線的內衣更是不可能的任務。於是她展開對本地內衣市場的研究,並發現原來不少香港女生都有共同的煩惱。因此她決心建立自己的品牌,研發內外兼備的內衣,為自己,也為一眾亞洲女生提供一個更舒適、自然的新選擇。


me Me & ME 怎解?

me me =咪咪 ,所以,me Me & ME又「我與我的咪咪。」
me me = 秘密,所以,me Me & ME 又「我與我的秘密。」



The brand is founded by Ursule Wong, a performer turned entrepreneur. To exuberate her insatiate creativity, she decided to have a lingerie brand of her own when she couldn't find a bra that fits.

With our own lingerie and sleepwear products, me Me & ME is also a lifestyle brand with its roots for wellness, beauty and style. We curate and sell products that adhere to our brand values.




Our online shop carries various products from cute girlie underwear to fun loving sleepwear. The brand promises to bring more and more variety goods that revolve around your most intimate everyday wear. 


Why me Me & ME?

me Me & ME is to indulge the narcissistic character of every women.

‘Me me’ in colloquial Mandarin Chinese means breasts, therefore, ‘my breast and I’.

On the other hand, ‘me me’ colloquial Mandarin Chinese also means secret, therefore, ‘my secret’.