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PIBU PIBU Body wash
PIBU PIBU Body wash


PIBU PIBU Body wash

$268.00 $298.00

Each PIBU PIBU Set 290ml contains:

  1. Shampoo 270ml OR body wash 270ml
  2. Essence Ampoules (Bio-active) 10ml x 2
  3. Dispenser
  4. Gift package (Eco-friendly)
  • made of sugarcane甘蔗, without secondary packaging that pollutes the environment
  • Winning package for the A'Design Award 2019, a world-class design award


Double Little Bunny’s Brick House Set  *深層清潔、抗污染*
( 包括 Little Bunny’s Brick House Ampoule 2支 )

  • 阻隔灰塵污染及有害毒素
  • 強化肌膚保護屏障,減慢肌膚衰老  
  • 重點紓緩發炎皮膚,增強肌膚水分 

[Body Wash ]

- Ensure comfort and pleasure use of very sensitive skin + new born baby skin
- Mixture of a variety of oriental medicines & bioactive ingredients to repair the skin barrier
- Made by professional aromatherapyist: Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Boswellia carterii oil, Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil
- Break the prejudice that natural body wash makes skin dry and itchy.
PIBU PIBU Body wash keeps your skin moist and healthy. No need body oil

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