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JOSEE Vanilla Delight Perfume Absolute

JOSEE Fragrances

半價~JOSEE Vanilla Delight Perfume Absolute 香草甜心原精香水 50ml

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Story/Moment: Mother comforts her baby with a gentle hug. Baby feels secure and love while she falls asleep quietly.

Ingredients: Vanilla Absolute, Vetivert Oil, Ambrette Seed (Natural Musk)

母親抱着並溫柔地輕拍小寶貝, 令小孩深深感受母親, 悄悄地甜睡著.

Vanilla Absolute 香草提取物, Vetivert Oil 香根草, Ambrette Ambrette 印度秋葵子 (天然麝香)

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