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FUR Oil 75ml

FUR oil

FUR Oil 75ml



美國品牌FUR專為陰毛而設Fur Oil護理毛髮,塗在髮尾、眉毛和陰毛。這款100%天然的護理油,內有葡萄籽油、荷荷芭油、茶樹油等成分,除了有軟化和滋養毛髮的功能,也可改善毛孔堵塞和倒生的情況。



Used daily, Fur Oil softens pubic hair and clears pores for fewer ingrowns. Also great for legs, underarms, chest, beard, and anywhere hair meets skin. 

Directions: Apply Fur Oil liberally on clean pubic hair and skin.  For best results use as part of a daily regimen (e.g. after bathing)


Key Ingredients

  • Grape seed and jojoba oils
    Dry touch oils with vitamins A and E to soften and condition pubic hair
  • Tea tree oil
    Antimicrobial to help clear pores and minimize ingrowns
  • Clary sage seed oil
    Healing properties to soothe and reduce inflammation for healthier skin over time

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