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Coola Sport Mineral SPF30 Citrus Mimosa 90ml

Coola Sunblock

Coola Sport Mineral SPF30 Citrus Mimosa 90ml

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Sheer, immediate coverage in a light, refreshing Citrus Mimosa lets you play without delay
70% Certified Organic ingredients

Active, long days in the sun
Even the most extreme outdoor conditionsare no match for this 99% natural, broad spectrum SPF 35 formula

Free radical fighting antioxidants like Borage Seed Oil and Evening Primrose nourish skin,giving it a powerful defense against environmental exposure and damage

Zinc oxideand titanium dioxidecreate a shield that scatters and reflects harmful UV rays, while plankton, a natural phyto-protector boosts SPF protection

Organic beeswax, candelillaand carnauba waxescreate all natural water resistanceas you surf, ski, sun or sweat

Direction of uses me Me & ME

Apply evenly over face and exposed body
SPF protection provided immediately after application.
Reapply every 2 hours while in direct sun, or after swimming/ sweating

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