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JOSEE Lan Kwai Fong Perfume Absolute

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JOSEE Lan Kwai Fong Perfume Absolute 蘭桂坊原精香水 50ml



Story/Moment: Enjoying a Happy Hour with friends in Lan Kwai Fong at night, talk about daily life and joke. Everyone enjoys the beer time with the hard workof the day left behind.

Ingredients: Cassis Oil, Orange OIl (Florida), Ambrette Seed (Natural Musk), Sandalwood (India)

蘭桂坊是JOSEE 以香港地標作主題的香水,它有蘭桂坊般活力和神秘的色彩!以黑加倫子作紅酒為主調,並配上具活力的檸檬。

故事:晚上約三五知己在蘭桂坊Happy Hour,談及生活趣事,大家開懷暢飲,將一日的辛勞都拋諸腦後!

材料:Cassis Oil 黑加侖提取物, Orange Oil 佛羅里達橙子, Ambrette 印度秋葵子 (天然麝香) , Sandalwood 印度檀香, Lemon Oil 檸檬

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